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Digital marketing for conferences and events

The role of technology and social media marketing for conferences and events is constantly growing. The events industry has embraced all forms of social media as a powerful and cost effective way of marketing not only to your target audience, but also reaching potential new audiences which previously may have been unknown.

Before social media, there was print marketing and email. Social media has created a new dimension for event planners to interact on a more intimate level with event attendees of all ages. There are many social media platforms out there and developing a social media campaign is a lot more than simply having a Facebook page.

Here are our top tips for using technology and social media to market your conference or event.

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ASCEPT-BPS Scientific Meeting – Hong Kong

In May this year, Expert Events travelled to Hong Kong to run the ASCEPT-BPS Scientific Meeting, a joint venture between the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologist and Toxicologists and their British counterpart, the British Pharmacological Society. Hong Kong was chosen as the meeting location due to it being half way between both continents.

The meeting was held at the University of Hong Kong, in the conference centre attached to the Faculty of Medicine and 230 delegates attended the three day event. The scientific programme and the quality presenters were very well received, resulting in new collaborations and joint projects planned for the future.

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Why you should use an accredited (PCO) Professional Conference Organiser

Originally posted on December 18, 2014 by Professional Conference Organisers titled “Why you should use an accredited (PCO) Professional Conference Organiser”

National Medicines Symposium

Accreditation not only provides clients but also industry with an assurance that the event management business they are or could be dealing with is committed to the highest quality event management business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement.

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Ideas and gimmicks for attracting delegates to your trade booth…

We know the age old testimony, “location, location, location”, but what else can you do to attract people to your stand?

1. The look

Thinking about the design of your trade booth, ask yourself – would you go to the booth? Use bright colours and put effort into the design of your booth to make it more engaging and approachable. Can your message be seen from all directions – near and far? Make sure you use lighting and clear writing. If that doesn’t work perhaps the wafting smell of popcorn or coffee will assist you.

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